Guangdong Huashen Biomedical Co., Ltd.
High-quality Contract Fill
We have highly efficient production lines, and our filling lines are assembled by a variety of secondary packaging capabilities from hand intervention and semi-automatic production. Batches are numbered and tracked, to ensure full traceability of each product. Our newly built and highly innovative filling vessels are managed by our team of specialists in a wide range of product types and packaging styles.
Our Services
What we can fill
Aluminium Tube Filling
We now offer aluminium tube filling, which can be supplied at 100% aluminium or from recycled aluminium and in a range of diameters. We also have an aluminium tube sampling machine capable of running samples before your main production run.
We can fill tubes, bottles, jars, and sprays (but not aerosols) – from 1ml to 1 litre in size. Our equipment includes:
Single and multi-head semi-automated fillers and cappers
Tube fill and seal (plastic, laminate and aluminium)
Hot fill capacity
Front, back, wrap, top and base labelling