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Flower god cosmetics technology research and development and cosmetics production
Huashen Cosmetics OEM R&D Center


 Guangdong Huashen Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the corporate spirit of "customer first, quality first", committed to "providing customers with high-quality and safe products, creating greater benefits for the company, enhancing self-worth for employees, and contributing to the society. Outstanding contribution". After years of gradual development, it has become a well-known cosmetics processing enterprise in China. The company’s cutting-edge skin care research center has advanced R&D equipment and an excellent R&D team. It uses modern biochemistry and other cutting-edge science, combined with the results of modern skin care research at home and abroad, and is carefully developed for different skin characteristics. Pollution, no additives, no harmful ingredients, one green and four no products, to meet the increasing requirements of customers for cosmetics, and gradually move towards the most advanced international concepts such as organic. The company strictly controls raw materials and maintains good cooperative relations with well-known domestic and foreign suppliers, including Swiss BASF, Clarcort (Clariant), American ISP, Dow, Unilever, Japan Kao, France Sepic (SEPPIC), SNF (Aisen), Rhodia (Rodia), French Mars and so on.

Today, Huashen has a complete laboratory, advanced scientific equipment, and pays great attention to the introduction and training of talents. Now it has a group of first-class R&D talents at home and abroad. There are hundreds of R&D and production products, which are sold well in domestic and foreign markets, and have gained more and more recognition. The high-end R&D capabilities provide a solid technical support and a solid foundation for the professional OEM/ODM of Huashen Enterprise.

Huashen Cosmetics OEM Inspection Center


        The laboratory is completely established in accordance with ISO22716 standard, and the air cleanliness reaches 10,000. It is divided into microbiology laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, packaging test laboratory, and has high-end detection instruments such as ICP, HPLC, GC, etc., which can carry out many microorganisms, heavy metals, Component analysis and other items detection. Participate in the ability comparison test with major third-party laboratories every quarter to ensure the stability and reliability of the test results.

Flower God Cosmetics Laboratory/Production Workshop
img_loadimg_load       The factory adopts the highest standard of cosmetics, 100,000-level GMPC construction workshop, zero-pollution design, and has the qualification to produce eye and baby products. It is one of the few domestic companies that have obtained the United States GMPC and ISO22716 international certification. At the same time, it has obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification. . 10 emulsification equipment, 20 production lines, 3 automatic facial mask production and filling machines, each can produce more than 6,000 sheets per hour, and the daily production capacity of masks is more than 100,000 sheets, and can process and produce various two-in-one, three-in-one One of the overseas version of the face mask special-shaped bag has a high production capacity and can meet the huge market demand.